Find your way around the tools

LGfL provides schools with a choice of two systems for creating and managing pupil blogs. Both are free for LGfL subscribing schools and schools may wish to explore each before settling on the one that will work best for them. The videos provide an overview of the tools. The following pages provide step by step guides explaining how each can be used.



  • Recommended for primary aged children and staff new to blogging
  • Blogs are public, there is no option for them to be private, though it is possible to password protect specific posts using J2E5
  • Moderation –everything that appears on the blog, comments and posts, must first be reviewed by a staff member at the school
  • Tools: a wide range of tools for creating posts, including a collection specifically designed for KS1
  • Class blogs are generated automatically and require no configuration of user permissions; this is all done automatically using data from the school’s management information system.

How J2Webby works guide

J2Webby introduction video



  • Recommended for older children and staff with some experience of blogging using WordPressBlogs can be private, within the school or public.
  • Children can set up their own blogs though, unless a teacher authorises it, they are limited to publishing to children within the school.
  • Moderation –flexible, from no publishing at all through requiring everything to be moderated to completely unmoderated. Requires configuration on a blog by blog basis.
  • Tools: smaller range of inbuilt tools, though Bloggy sites can make use of plugin tools.
  • Blogs need to be set up manually and users need to be manually assign and given a permission level to edit the blog.

How J2Bloggy works guide

J2Bloggy introduction video