100 Word Challenge

The 100 Word Challenge is a website that offers a weekly creative-writing challenge. Children submit 100-word compositions based on a weekly prompt. Every submission receives a comment and each week a small number are selected to be part of a ‘showcase’. Users say that the challenges motivate them to improve their writing and that they become very engaged in reading and commenting on others’ submissions.

100 Word Challenge example

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Video summary
Jim explains how the 100wc works and the positive reactions children have to receiving comments on their submissions. Bianca suggests that entering really helped to ‘get comments flowing’. According to Annie, the 100wc helps address key learning objectives: writing for an audience, grammar and choice of vocabulary. Pupils explain the types of prompts that are set and the major motivating factor of the showcase.

When they receive comments, especially from people they haven’t met, it’s incredible, they just love itJim Ruddy