First posts

It can sometimes be difficult to know how to start a new class blog. One challenge is the question of what children should write in their first posts. In this section teachers explain how they approached first posts.

The recent “Educational blogs and their effects on pupils’ writing” report (page 30) suggests that the quality of ‘invitation to write’ children are given has a big impact on the quality of writing in response. The report suggests:

“…where the invitations were more focused, where they were introduced in a clear and specific way, where they expected a detailed response from the whole class, or where they were linked to a helpful starter – a piece of video, an article or a detailed discussion point – then there was much more chance of eliciting meaningful and longer responses from more of the pupils. So providing the class with effective invitations was an essential pedagogic move in stimulating pupils to write good blog postings.”


How to create a post using LGfL blogging tools

Ideas for first posts

How to share a writing frame for a post with your class

Video summary
Jim explains that he started by talking about the global audience pupils’ blogs would have. Bianca and Jim describe how they encouraged children to write whatever they wanted as their first post: things started slowly, but picked up pace quickly once children started to receive feedback. Annie suggests setting aside some in-school time for blogging.

We just blew it wide open and I gave the children the opportunity to write whatever they wantedJim Ruddy