What is a Blog?

In essence, a class blog is little more than a public webpage with a few distinct features. Organised like a diary, entries (called posts) appear in reverse date order so the latest is always at the top of the page. Posts can include text, pictures, sound, videos or other content, such as interactive games.

LGfL’s Blogging systems, J2Webby and J2Bloggy allow teachers to customise the appearance of their blog and add special features called widgets. Usually, schools set up a blog for each class. Any member of the class who is logged in can write posts, but nothing is published until approved by a moderator – usually the class teacher.

Anyone in the world can comment on a post without logging in. But for safeguarding reasons, these are also checked and approved by the moderator before being published.

Video summary
Children explain what a blog is and how class blogging works.